9 February 2023

100th anniversary of Russian civil aviation

100th anniversary of Russian civil aviation


The Labor and Defense Council of the USSR adopted a resolution «On the assignment of technical supervision of the air lines to the Main directorate of the air fleet and on the organization of the civil aviation council» on the 9th of February, 1923. 

It was a long way to a century: from plywood to composites, from “slow-moving to fighters”, from “Dobrolet” to “Aeroflot”.

Russian aviation was born due to the support of the people. Those people who united for a common cause despite the difficulties. Mail and passenger air operations, solving the problems of the economy – contributed to the development of domestic aviation. 

Russian aviation had become very important thanks to Andrey Tupolev, Sergey Ilyushin, Alexander Yakovlev. Nowadays, our aircraft engineers face new ambitious tasks.

The “Russian Air Race” team congratulates all air travel staff on the Anniversary. 100 years is a big step for the effective development of the domestic aviation industry!


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