“Russian air race” are meant for demonstrating the best record of the Russian airplane sport, perfect skills of our pilots and a very high qualities of Russian planes.

The essence of sport event is speedy piloting along a specially designed air route in terms of passing air gates for a minimum period of time at lowest altitude.

Speedy piloting at the lowest altitude is a unique skill and our task is to make this skill an outstanding performance while elaborating the race concept.

Our motto is “Speed. Accuracy. Maneuver”

Format of the race

“Russian air race”are held according to the “Airplane sport” rules in the frame of “Air Race – Formula 1”based on such Russian planes as “YAK-55”and “Su-26” and their modifications as well as educational training jet planes “L-29”, “L-39” and “CP-10”.

Air race presupposes a 4 km route. The route has closed loops and air gates in the piloting area. The altitude of passing air gates is 15 through 25 meters. The participants are to pass them at the lowest altitude and highest speed in a horizontal flight, the pitch angle doesn’t exceed 5 degrees.

The gates are pair 3D figures based on aeroelastic structures which look like 2 pylons.

piston aircrafts

jet aircrafts


A participant is supposed to have started the race since passing the start line of the first air gates. The time of the race is fixed at that very moment.

Air gates are passed in accordance with the established order.

A participant is supposed to have finished the race after passing the finish line of the first air gates.

Full rules are attached.



Each participant is entitled to a training flight before the completion starts, during the flight he (or she) studies the route.


Each participant is entitled to two attempts of passing the route. It is the best record of two attempts that is credited.


Each participants is entitled to two attempts of passing the route. Total time of each attempt is credited. The result of the race determine the winner and medalists with the minimum time of passing the route.

History The first airplane sport “Air Race – Formula 1” in Russia was held on the 4th of august in 2018 on the site called “Patriot”within the frames of Military international games of 2018. In 2018 there were 3 stages of the Committee of national and nonolympic kinds of sport of Russian cup races in and also on the 17-18 august the second Russian air race of “Air Race – Formula 1” was held.

Safety rules

  • Only the pilots who underwent the “Air Race – Formula 1”training who are fit for health, having at least a master of sport category may qualify for participating in the event.
  • A spectator area is at distance of more that 200 meters from a piloting area.
  • Difficult aerobatics is performed at the altitude not less that 50 meters from ground.