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3 августа14:00Пятница
Тренировочный этап гонкиПарк “Патриот”Вход свободный

4 августа14:00Суббота
Квалификация и гонкаПарк “Патриот”Вход свободный


13 March 2023 The Russian Air Race is 5 years old!

We started from the name of the air show “Russian Air Race: Formula-1” in 2018. There were no rules, no aircrafts, no understanding how the sports competition had to be. But we had enthusiasm and belief in success. And there is. It was a long way from dream to big deal: 13 air races, 27 […]

1 March 2023 Powered Paraglider Air Race on a closed route along the lake Baikal

Powered Paraglider Air Race on a closed route along the lake Baikal The season-2023 is opened by Powered Paraglider Air Race. The Ultralight aviation team is going to set a new record on March, 2-8. The record flight takes 1900 km of the lake Baikal coastline. This expedition is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of […]

9 February 2023 100th anniversary of Russian civil aviation

100th anniversary of Russian civil aviation   The Labor and Defense Council of the USSR adopted a resolution «On the assignment of technical supervision of the air lines to the Main directorate of the air fleet and on the organization of the civil aviation council» on the 9th of February, 1923.  It was a long […]

19 May 2022 For The First Time Russian Air Race Were Held In Volgograd

On the eve of Victory Day, the Srednyaya Akhtuba airfield (Volgograd region) hosted the Air Race for the Great Victory Cup. The sports event was organized by the Russian Federation of Air Race and the Committee of Physical Culture and Sports of the Volgograd Region. The pilots of the Russian Air Race project from different […]

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Авторские и смежные права

Сценарий и Правила проведения данных авиационных гонок, товарный знак “Русские авиационные гонки” и его графическое изображение являются объектами интеллектуальной собственности и зарегистрированы в Федеральной службе по интеллектуальной собственности Российской Федерации.

Правообладателем является ООО “Русские авиационные гонки”.

Нарушение авторских и смежных прав преследуется по закону.

3 августа, 14:00Тренировочный этап гонки
4 августа, 14:00Квалификация и гонка