Nikolaev Vladimir

Date of birth: 06.03.1960

Place of birth: Ivanovo

Sports title: : Master of Sports of Russia

Pilot-instructor of the 1st class of aviation DOSAAF of Russia

Winner of the Russian Championships in aerobatics, Yak-52 class (2001, 2002, 2003)

About Me:

He dreamed of becoming a pilot since childhood. At school he was engaged in an aircraft modeling circle. He participated in competitions at various levels in the classes of “copy models”, “half copies of aircraft” and “air combat”, won prizes. Due to some medical inconsistencies, he got into aviation only in 1982 in the flying club of the city of Ivanovo.
He made his first solo flight on June 5, 1983. After graduating from the Volchansky AUL (1987), he worked in all flight positions: from an instructor pilot to the head of the flying club. He mastered the aircraft Yak-18t, Yak-50, Yak-52, Yak-55, Yak-55m, An-2, Cessna-172 and several EEVS. Pilot-instructor of the 1st class of aviation DOSAAF Russia.
He began performing at aerobatics competitions in 1989 and practically did not miss a single Russian championship until 2004. That year I headed the Ivanovo flying club and, unfortunately, there was not enough time for sports.
Without hesitation, he accepted the invitation to participate in the Russian Air Races. Extreme flights and aerobatics have become a second wind for me. I hope for the development of the project and my participation in it for many years.