Motin Dmitry

Date of birth: 16.03.1969

Place of birth: Moscow

Vice-President of the Federation of Aeronautical Sports of Russia, President of the Federation of Aeronautical Sports of the Tula Region

Sports title: Master of Sports of Russia
Pilot-instructor 1st class of state aviation
Winner of the Russian Aerobatics Championship (as part of a team), class Yak-52 (2015, 2019)
Winner of the Russian Aircraft Championship in the discipline “Historical and home-made aircraft” (2017)

About me:
In 1984, he joined the 2nd Moscow City Aero Club of the USSR DOSAAF, flying L-13 Blanik gliders. My first instructor is Sergey Kasymovich Sadykov. He made his first solo flight on August 4, 1985.

Since 1990, he has been flying the Yak-52 at the same flying club.

In 1991-1992 he flew an An-2 aircraft. For many years he worked as an instructor in parachute training, performed more than 1,500 parachute jumps, 26 of them were test and experimental jumps. Participated as a member of the Russian and CIS record in the area of group acrobatics in the “large formations” class.

In 2011, after a long break, he continued flying on the Yak-52 aircraft. Mastered other types: Yak-18t, Zlin-142,
Zlin-326, Cessna-337, NG-5, Piper PA-34, Yak-55, Yak-55M, SP-55M, C-26M, L-29.