Lisnyak Vladimir

Date of birth: 29.01.1981

Место рождения: Shchelkovo, Moscow region

Спортивное звание: Candidate for Master of Sports

Pilot-instructor of the 3rd class of state aviation

Left wingman of the aerobatic team “Reactors”

Head of the Aviation and Sports Club “Albatros-Aero”

About Me:

He started flying at the age of 14 at the Youth Gliding School on the LAK-16 glider, then at the DOSAAF flying club in the L-13 glider “Blanik”. Next I flew the Yak-52 and Yak-18T, Cessna-152 and Cessna -172, Tecnam-P2002. I then moved on to flying a jet aircraft, an L-29 “Dolphin” and L-39 “Albatross”. My first instructor on the jet L-29 was Igor Zavyalov, and on the L-39 – Vladimir Nikolaevich Rodnishchev. He also taught the basics of combat use, air combat, passing on his flight and combat experience as a military attack pilot.

He also flew the MiG-29, L-410, Yak-40 and An-2, but he has not yet reached the stage of solo flights.

I came to Formula 1 air racing because the event seems interesting, I want to improve my sports level and have an interesting experience.