Ilinskiy Vladimir

Date of birth: 14.08.1982

Place of birth: Moscow

Sports title: International Master of Sports flight instructor

Absolute world champion in glider aerobatics (2013)

About Me:

My father was a DOSAAF flight instructor. At the age of 12, at the Tushino airfield, I flew with him on the right seat of the Yak-12, tried to take the controls, but my legs did not reach the pedals and full control of the aircraft did not work. That’s when I decided to become a pilot.
Subsequently, he graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute with a degree in Plasma Power Plants Engineer, KALTU with a degree in Flight Operation of Aircraft, and MIT with a degree in Anti-Crisis Management. Vladimir was the absolute world aerobatic glider championship in 2013. I decided to participate in the Russian Aviation Races, as this is a promising project that will allow athletes to gain new and interesting experience. It will also be interesting for spectators, as they will be able to appreciate the skill of pilots at extremely low altitudes.