Anguladze Vladimir

Date of birth: 20.09.1988

Place of birth: Moscow

Sports title: Master of Sports of Russia

Champion of Russia in aerobatics, Yak-52 class (2018)

Winner of the Russian Aerobatics Championship, Yak-52 class (2019)

About Me:

My professional path in aviation started in 2008, after finishing university I got a job at RAC Mig JSC. A year later, I began training at the Serpukhov Aviation and Sports Club in a Yak-52 aircraft under the experienced guidance of Valentin Sergeevich Barabanova. In 2013, after serving in the armed forces of the Russian Federation, I continued flying and training for competitions.
In addition to aviation, I also enjoy swimming, motorcycling and learning foreign languages.
I believe that the Russian Aviation Race project will allow pilots to improve their skills and discover new talents.
This discipline will also be interesting for the audience, since
Air racing – Formula 1 combines speed, maneuverability and piloting precision at extremely low altitudes.